Thursday, February 21, 2008

Apocalyptic Horse Whisperers (with report)

Some current signs that the end is near - 2008 edition:

  • -example 1: Kat von D - tattooey tart with penchant for bristly 70s moustaches, hairless cats, B.O. (I'm oddly obsessed)
  • -figure c: Chuck E Cheese animatronic jamboree band now plays a mix of Anthony Braxton and Toni Braxton
  • -part 21: blake buys 3 dvds of The Letter People childrens shows and shits himself; writes his 2nd entry to a blog in the same fiscal year

when blake helton is not cutting and pasting pics from The Holy Mountain or The Letter People, he loves playing daddy, drums, moog and mellotron (and recording it) with recompas, early modern witch trials, the hidden noise ensemble (with longtime pal and sonic wizard Colin Bragg) and visitor, a solo catch-all for ole BH.

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T-Money said...

we seriously need to watch that movie.