Thursday, February 28, 2008

Breast Massage Robot

Yep. Breast Massage Robot. If that ain't space rock, ain't no robot space rock.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Enter The Mobius

A few years ago I used to help host The Mobius, an electronic radio show on WREK Atlanta, 91.1FM. Its still going strong and is the only place in Atlanta to hear experimental electronic music, idm, breakbeat, aceeed, etc...

Anyway, Threv, now one of the current hosts has some musical projects, both of which have blogs. In a vaguely incestuous move, I present the links here:

Hermaline's Blog
The Secret Life Blog

Friday, February 22, 2008

I <3 E B N

Cheese? Yes. Awesome? Yes. From Rhode Islabs? Yes. Also there's the "We will rock you" one.

I <3 Space Art

I admit, I don't know nearly as much about this group as I should. I know that their first record, Onyx, has been re-released by Anthology Recordings, a fantastic label dedicated to reissuing some of the best psychedelia to have ever slipped through the cracks of pop culture. This is some seriously fantastic space music! linky

Check out this video: onyx

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Voice of Saturn Synthesizer now available!

Our very own DIY analog synth module: The Voice of Saturn Synthesizer is now available in kit or fully built and tested form through The Curious Inventor website. Check it out for sound samples, videos, schematics, instructions, etc.

Apocalyptic Horse Whisperers (with report)

Some current signs that the end is near - 2008 edition:

  • -example 1: Kat von D - tattooey tart with penchant for bristly 70s moustaches, hairless cats, B.O. (I'm oddly obsessed)
  • -figure c: Chuck E Cheese animatronic jamboree band now plays a mix of Anthony Braxton and Toni Braxton
  • -part 21: blake buys 3 dvds of The Letter People childrens shows and shits himself; writes his 2nd entry to a blog in the same fiscal year

when blake helton is not cutting and pasting pics from The Holy Mountain or The Letter People, he loves playing daddy, drums, moog and mellotron (and recording it) with recompas, early modern witch trials, the hidden noise ensemble (with longtime pal and sonic wizard Colin Bragg) and visitor, a solo catch-all for ole BH.

The Farmer's Almanac Now Offers TXT MEX ALRTS

...well, not really.  But I do.  Tellya what, readers.  Send me your 1) phone number 2) three USD (cash only, parcel post only, preferably with all bills rigidly affixed to one another via staples or epoxy) and I'll let you know days in advance when it's time to rotate your crops.

Blake and I decided this would be a good idea after watching Travis racing the hell outside to see the lunar eclipse last night.  He was about an hour early.  See, that's why eclipses are nice - when was the last time you were an hour early for something?

PS I'm serious about the epoxy.

Saturn aligns with Stonehenge

Greetings Kosmonauts, this is Ben Coleman, resident of Recompas (Recompas always strikes me as a community/village rather than an exclusive club).

When not floating in orbit around solaris with Recompas, or doing the nasty with Judi Chicago, I co-host the Stonehenge radio show on 91.1 FM, WREK Atlanta.

We play a lot of the incredible classic progressive, space and psych music that informs the Recompas databanks. You won't hear it anywhere else on the radio.

Tune into Stonehenge every week, and keep an eye out for Recompas shows in the Metro Atlanta area.

Do you hear the Voice of Saturn?

Welcome to The Voice of Saturn. I've set this up in order to post music/photos/info on things related to recompas, space music, and synthesizers. We are unabashedly nerdy. The following links are live recompas sets as well as our first "studio" recording, done entirely live on an Akai 4-track reel to reel recorder and mastered in pro-tools.

recompas - analogesic
recompas - Live 02.20.08
recompas - Live 02.09.08
recompas - Live 12.08.07
recompas - Live 10.10.07

Distribute and enjoy.