Thursday, October 21, 2010

Steiner VCO 99% working


So I finally finished building David and Nyle's updated Steiner VCO. Initially I used some 25k trimmers where there were meant to be 5k ones. I figured since they were basically just voltage dividers that it wouldn't cause any trouble, but I was wrong. Once I replaced those I was able to get all the different wave-forms working. My only issue now is scaling the thing to v/oct, but it sounds fantastic! The sync and pwm modulation inputs are super useful. I'll post some video of it being controlled by a VoS sequencer soon.





Wednesday, October 20, 2010

components in Manhattan

Today I needed to grab some standoffs for my Steiner VCO project and in looking around online I finally found an awesome place in Chinatown. Check out this review on NYC Resistor's blog of 269 Electronics on Canal St. At first glance its another crappy storefront with knockoff sunglasses and headphones, but in back is a great little shop with the owner apparently being well known for fixing all sorts of electronics!

DigATL Circus - 10.28.10

Next Thursday at the Star Bar in L5P Atlanta, there's a killer show being put on by 4thWardHeroes. I'll be DJing and there will be some rad free masks that I designed based on the Voice of Saturn schematics, printed thanks to Mindzai.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tragical Misery Non-Tour (USA 2010)

A few months back - or maybe longer - Blake Helton and I and some of our other musical compadres said goodbye to his gorgeous Mellotron M400 with some fantastic improv sessions. Read the great post and download the tunes on HLFP, my favorite space music blog!