Saturday, December 19, 2009

JH Polymoog Resonator with Voltage Control + Voice of Saturn

JH Polymoog Resonator + voltage control and Voice of Saturn from Travis Thatcher on Vimeo.

Recently finished my J.H. Polymoog Resonator clone and stuck it in a temporary case until I find time to make a nice panel for it. The module is great for changing the harmonics of a simple input signal and the multiple filter modes are very useful. On its own, a very nice module, but I wanted to try to add some simple voltage control to make it more interesting. This was easily accomplished with the use of some vtl5c/3 vactrols. You need two vactrols per frequency band. They are basically used the same way that the frequency pots are used, and are soldered in parallel with the pot connections. I used the holes on the board that are meant for the board mounted pots, since my panel mounted ones were soldered into the jumpers. In this configuration, the pots act to offset the voltage control. I soldered the 2 neg legs together, and then ran a wire from that to the ground of the cv input jack. The 2 positive legs of the vactrols were connected, and soldered to a 1k resistor for protection. This was then soldered to the signal pin of the cv jack. All three inputs were done this way, and I normalled the cv inputs jacks, so if a signal is inserted to jack 1, it goes to all 3.

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